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Our Vision

Sustainable Energy

Human-caused climate change is the most important problem facing our world.
We know that energy can be produced and used much more sustainably than in today's system.
Our solutions bring electricity cost savings for the consumer and cleaner energy for the planet.


Your smarter energy starts here!

Virtual Power Labs is an innovative company offering comprehensive services in the area of energy flexibility.
All that we do shares the common value of improving efficiency and energy sustainability. We target progressive, industrial, and domestic customers who want to optimize their energy expenses and stay ahead of the curve on energy transformation.

Our core services are:

Virtual Energy Storage

Having a battery can be more efficient and beneficial--for you and the Earth--than you ever thought possible. Our intelligent energy management program makes maximal use of your battery system 24/7. In doing so, your battery can generate additional income for your business or household, with no additional investment or compromises concerning energy usage. In addition, our unique battery control system allows you to see how much carbon dioxide was kept from the atmosphere due to your usage of Virtual Energy Storage.

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Energy storage hardware

There are many reasons to install a battery, or solar-battery hybrid system, for your business or house. We offer consultations to determine if a battery solution makes sense for you. Virtual Power Labs provides trendy and efficient battery systems that allow you to be part of Virtual Energy Storage--their most uniquely awesome advantage. This will cut significant costs on your electricity bill; our battery solution eliminates power black-outs and high energy costs at the same time.

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Energy system optimization

Plenty of real-life problems can be transformed into equations and optimized by numerical and mathematical models. This is also true in energy and demand & response management systems, which is the primary application of our solution. We will optimize the operation of any energy-using systems from a technical and economic perspective.

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They wrote about our project:

Slovak University of Technology is developing virtual power plant


Virtual Power Labs is opening office in New York!

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New York office

1177 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10036
Tel: +1 347 331 8277


Bratislava office

Rusovska cesta 50,
85101 Bratislava, Slovakia
Tel: +421 904 443 253